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1981 - Recorded an album with Felipe Dulzaides' quintet

1985 to 1991 - Recorded seven albums with Arturo Sandoval: "Play for the Pandas," "No Problems," "Night at Ronnie Scotts," "L. A. Meeting," " Salon Libertad Live," "Tumbaito" and "Just Music"

1992 - Recorded 2 CDs with Perspectiva

1994 - Recorded the CD "Buscando Cuerdas"

1995 - Recorded a CD called "Friends" with the guitarist Raymond Lohengrin. For more information go to http://www.afn.org/~guitarra/.

1996 - Recorded three CDs: “Perspectiva y Frafrason,” “Cubaneando,” and a CD of traditional Cuban Music with the Duo Confluencia called “Leyendas”

1997 - Recorded three albums, one with the singer Augusto Enrique, another with the singer Dayani, and the last with the Spanish singer Javier Gras

1998 - “Cantante a Babalu Aye” with Chucho Valdes, Lazaro Ros and Irakere

1999 - Recorded first solo album, "Tranquilo"

2001 - Recorded with Amaury Pérez, José M. Vitier, Miriam Ramos, in their most recent CDs.

2003 - recorded a CD with Irakere in that group’s 30th anniversary.

2004 -Recorded two CDs: “Jeff Goodspeed and Jorge Chicoy – Havanafax Live” with the Canadien Saxophone player Jeff Goodspeed and Havanafax and a new CD with Omara Portuondo that will be released in May, 2004

2005 - "Rhythms del Mundo" with various artists, "Barintoncha" with Javier Salva

2007 - "Gracias" with Omara Portuondo, winner of a Latin Grammy in 2009 for best tropical music album.

2008 - "Rhythms del Mundo Cubano" with various artists